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Putting You in the Picture: Our Micro SD Data Recovery Service

Micro SD cards are used in smartphones, MP3 players, compact digital cameras, and some tablet computers. They can fit an enormous amount of memory into a tiny card – the micro SD is around the size of a fingernail, and yet can store multiple GB of information.

Fortunately, tiny doesn’t mean “impossible to break into”. Our micro SD data recovery technicians can normally retrieve all lost data from a micro SD card, using the appropriate mixture of logical and physical repair and retrieval.

Every memory loss incident is different. Common causes for memory loss and file contamination in a micro SD card include water damage; heat or cold damage; age; and accidental formatting. Our micro SD data recovery technicians can tell you exactly what has caused your data corruption or loss, and how to deal with it. This diagnosis is free and carries no obligation to use our services: if you do choose to go ahead with the course of action recommended by our experts, we will only charge you when we get the data out that we promised to get.

In some cases, it is not possible to retrieve every bit of data from a micro SD card. We will let you know what we can get out when we diagnose your problem, so you can decide whether the micro SD data recovery service is the right option for you.

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