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The smartphone is ubiquitous. From business to pleasure, an estimated three quarters of the phone owning population has one in his or her pocket. We use them to work; to socialise; to connect; and to share. We use them to create memories, store them, and replay them.

When your smartphone memory goes AWOL, it can mean restricted; uncertain; or completely barred access to potentially massive amounts of personal data. Our phone memory card data recovery service is here to help get all that data back, get it out of your existing memory card and onto a new, functioning storage medium.
All of our data recovery is done in accordance with current legislation. We are registered and accredited for secure phone memory card data recovery, and are certified to carry out controlled destruction of storage media (including phone memory cards) once we have extracted your information and returned it to you safely.

We never look into the files you ask us to retrieve, unless you give us authorisation to do so. In cases where authorisation is given we may ask you for written permission to open your files.

We offer three levels of phone memory card data recovery – a basic service; an express service; and an emergency service. The basic and express services take place within normal working hours. Our basic service undertakes to diagnose your phone problem within 24 hours of receipt, and to retrieve the data we have identified as still on the phone within 48 hours of diagnosis. Our express service offers an accelerated version of this.

Our emergency service provides 24 hour diagnosis and repair. Call us for more information or just bring your phone to us for free checkup and recovery.

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Our data recovery London service is fast, reliable and forensic. We can pull your data out of all forms of damaged hardware including hard disks; tapes; CDs; RAID; DVDs; and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.
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