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When Open Source Shuts Down – Staying Alive with Our Android Phone Data Recovery

The open source nature of the Android platform (designed by Google and licensed to developers for free creation of apps and software) has made it the most successful smartphone OS in the world. As of late 2012, Android phones accounted for three quarters of all activated smartphones.

Like their competitors, Android smartphones tend to exist as sealed units in which even the battery is kept away from prying hands. As a result, when the system goes wrong the Android phone owner is left with a pocket-sized problem. Behind the dead screen, there could be all sorts of important data – from professional contacts and work related files to personal pictures, movie clips and ideas documents.

Our Android phone data recovery service retrieves lost data from Android phones that have experienced physical or logical breakdown. Physical breakdown is anything mechanical and obvious – from water damage to smashed screens to phones that just stop working – while logical damage refers to software and firmware that stops behaving as it should.

Our Android phone data recovery team is able to resurrect most lost or corrupt data from your Android phone, first diagnosing the cause of the problem (physical, logical, or both) and then creating a mirror image of the drive on a reliable storage medium. All extracted data is then returned to you on a USB stick or DVDs.

To find out more about our Android phone data recovery service, give us a call on us, emergency situations, you can call our 24 hour data recovery hotline.

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