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The first step in hard disk recovery is to ascertain whether the loss is a result of a physical hard drive failure, i.e. broken hardware; or, a logical drive failure, i.e. corruption or loss of File S …

External hdd drive data recovery

Data recovery

Before drawing attention of people in this article, it is very much important to bring in awareness of the people what data recovery is all about. In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging …

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A guide to data recovery

Restoration can be done in full or in part of the data stored in deleted or damaged data files. In case of file deletion, if the space originally occupied by the deleted file is not overwritten (or th …

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Data recovery services: Methodology

External hard drive recovery and Hdd data recovery can involve multiple techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing parts in the hard disk. This alone may make the disk usable, but there may …

Hard drive hdd data recovery

How to recover important data from a faulty hard drive

A faulty hard drive can cause serious problems with your data, hiding, corrupting or apparently losing important files. The problem hard disk is unable to access the documents you’ve stored on it, eit …

Formated data recovery from external hdd

We successful recovered data from formated external hard drive

Our client accidentally formatted his external 2TB hard drive. Luckily thing that we were first to check if it is possible to recover his important documents and pictures. The biggest problem with rec …

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Our data recovery London service is fast, reliable and forensic. We can pull your data out of all forms of damaged hardware including hard disks; tapes; CDs; RAID; DVDs; and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.
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