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The Compact Flash card was originally created by SanDisk in the early 1990s, as a high power removable storage medium for image storage. It is now used in a number of high end digital devices, particularly DSLRs and digital video cameras. The card comes in two different thicknesses (Types I and II), and transfers and receives data using a series of pins.

Compact Flash cards are susceptible – like the cameras in which they sit – to temperature extremes and high levels of humidity and moisture. Over time they may also develop age-related faults, incorrectly reading or writing, or trapping previously existing pictures in a deteriorated or damaged file.

Our Compact Flash data recovery service retrieves your images from damaged, destroyed or faulty Compact Flash cards. If your camera suddenly refuses to read your card, or your images begin vanishing in playback mode, give us a call. We’ll diagnose the fault for free, and repair it for a price agreed once we have notified you of the problem, and of the amount of data that can be successfully raised from the storage medium.

Our Compact Flash data recovery technicians are highly skilled, and have experience in all generations and types of Compact Flash card. They will conduct a full physical and logical assessment of your card (the logic of the card is the inbuilt file system and architecture) before advising you of what’s wrong, and what we can do to put it right.

All of our Compact Flash data recovery services are available as an emergency package. If you need immediate assistance call us or email .

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