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We’ve all been there at some point: the blue screen of death. You install an update, you introduce a new piece of hardware or you just boot up as normal in the morning and – nothing happens. Your desktop is effectively locked to you, including all the files you’ve stored on it. Your business, your personal files, all shut away behind a boot system that no longer does what it’s supposed to.

This is just one example of the disasters that can befall the desktop PC – all of which our desktop data recovery teams can fix for you. Whether it’s a simple boot problem like the one described above, which can be circumvented in order to get all your precious files out and onto a new storage medium, or a complex case of failing hardware and physical write problems, our desktop data recovery service is designed to get as much of your information back to you as possible: cleanly, securely and quickly.

We understand that there are different levels of urgency, where data is concerned. A home desktop going down is annoying, of course: but a desktop used to run a small business can be critical. Because of this, we offer a range of desktop data recovery service levels, suited to every type of emergency.

Our standard desktop data recovery is conducted within office hours and takes an average of 36 hours – 24 hours to diagnose, and 48 to repair. Our express service is prioritised within the same timeframe; and our emergency service offers all hands to the pump, round the clock service for extremely quick fixes.

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Our data recovery London service is fast, reliable and forensic. We can pull your data out of all forms of damaged hardware including hard disks; tapes; CDs; RAID; DVDs; and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.
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