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Data recovery can be a complex business, with a wide range of solutions. To help you understand your specific requirements, we’ve put together this list of the most common data recovery FAQs. Let us know if you have a specific question we haven’t already answered here: call Us or email


Why is my hard drive grinding/making a grating sound?

This is normally due to a specific problem with your hardware and should be attended to immediately. If you ignore loud grinding noises from your hard drive, you could be erasing your data mechanically.


Are there specific software/hardware issues with particular brands of laptop/PC/tablet?

Yes. Unfortunately most computer manufacturers release their software/firmware (including the BIOS) before all the bugs have been ironed out. To compound the problem, different manufacturers experience different problems over different model families, product launches or years. Bottom line – if your product is giving you blue screen trouble, or is working in peculiar ways, it should be checked out. Back up all your significant data immediately.


Do you classify your data recovery into different service types?

Broadly speaking, we classify our data recovery services into logical and physical recovery. What you need will depend on the nature of your system failure, and the device from which you want your date retrieving. We will answer your questions in full when examining your hardware.


How can I find out what you have managed to recover?

If you need to know urgently, we can phone you and discuss what we have retrieved in detail – or we can send you a snapshot via email or text. You can let us know what your preferences are when we complete your initial consultation.


Is my data secure?

Yes. We are registered compliant with the relevant data protection legislation and take careful steps to protect your information. All data is encrypted while in our possession – and is wiped to the point of being impossible to recover once we have sent it back to you. There is a small holdover period while we wait for confirmation that you have received your package or digital transfer.


How do I get my data back?

Ordinarily we will give you DVDs or USB storage. If your retrieved data exceeds 10GB, we will copy your data to a larger hard drive. This may be bought from us, or you may supply your own hard drive for storage.


Do you provide emergency data inspections?

We will inspect your hardware as a matter of urgency, for a fee. The fee allows you to jump the queue and have your hardware inspected as soon as it is received.


How long does drive recovery take?

This depends on a number of factors – how damaged the drive is; whether the damage is physical as well as logical; and how much data you have lost. On average, it takes 48 hours to recover your information. We will let you know how long your individual service should take when we have inspected your hardware.


Can I trust you with my data?

Absolutely – but we understand your nervousness! Data is the lifeblood of the modern business, and the web is full of opportunities for its incorrect or unethical use. Please call us or email if you would like to know more about our accreditations, certifications and data storage and disposal policies. In general terms: we encrypt all your data while it is in our possession (as noted above), and destroy it securely to the point where it is impossible to retrieve after a short holding period.


Do you look at my files?

We only open your files if you have asked us to do so, and may ask for written permission before we go ahead. It is not necessary for us to see what’s in your files to retrieve them, though you may wish for confirmation that what you are hoping to exist is still there. If you have any specific questions about what we see or do when we carry out your data recovery, please call us or email


Do you offer “no recovery, no fee”?

Yes, we do. At the inspection stage, we should be able to determine if the data you want is recoverable. If we can’t get it back after we’ve agreed the job, we won’t charge you for our data recovery services.


How long will it take for you to assess my media/hardware?

Normally, we will be able to let you know if our data recovery services can help you once the media/hardware has been with us for 24 hours.


What happens to my original hardware, once the data recovery is complete?

We can return the original to you, or we can store and destroy it. If we securely store and destroy your hardware we charge for it: if we send it back to you we don’t. Legally, you may be required to have the device or media destroyed by a certified secure data recycling centre, if you take it back to deal with yourself.

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