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The iPhone, it has been said, is great at doing everything except being a phone. Whatever your views on that are, it’s likely you use yours for everything else: taking and storing pictures and movie files; recording voice notes; surfing the web; keeping contact information for both business and personal users; storing ideas. Whatever else it is, the iPhone is the most successful communications and connectivity device of all time.

When it goes wrong, it can go wrong quickly and completely. Like all Apple devices, the iPhone is a sealed unit: meaning you can’t get into it to swap out its hard drive when it starts playing up. iPhone data recovery is required to retrieve vital information such as contact lists or emails.

Our iPhone data recovery team is fully conversant with all Apple products, including every incarnation of the iPhone. We can forensically recreate the vital files trapped inside a malfunctioning phone and return them to you on a reliable storage medium for reinstallation into a new phone.

Our iPhone data recovery service follows industry best practices for physical and logical recovery and repair. We will identify physical hardware problems that may be affecting your data, and repair or replace where necessary. Then we will look at the logical issues preventing your data from reading or writing correctly. These are issues to do with the BIOS or operating software incorporated in your phone’s hard drive.

Once we have extracted all data and files from your damaged phone, and created a mirror image of its hard drive on a new storage medium, we can either return the item to you or destroy it securely, in accordance with current data protection legislation. To find out more, email us at or call us.

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