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The mini SD is the memory card of choice for a lot of compact digital cameras, including some of the high-end crossovers between a compact system and a DSLR. It is also used in some tablet PCs and phones to expand the available memory, or to specifically store images and media files created using the machine’s on board camera systems. The card can be specified for music storage use as well.

Even the tiniest storage medium can contain a huge amount of data these days. The capacity of even a midrange mini SD card can be more than one billion times the size of the magnetic core memory used in the mid-70s, despite being physically a minute fraction of its surface area.

Our mini SD data recovery technicians can retrieve huge amounts of data from these tiny storage units. Even severely damaged mini SD cards can be mirrored, logically reconstructed and examined to retrieve the all-important picture and movie files they contain.

There are a number of symptoms of faulty mini SD cards, including intermittently visible images in playback, cards reading as formatted when they haven’t been, or strange symbols showing up instead of image files in the grid playback view. If your mini SD device experiences any of these issues, you should take steps to preserve and retrieve the data before it is too late.

Call us, or email to arrange a free, no obligations diagnosis of your mini SD card.

Our mini SD data recovery team can also extract files from a card that has been formatted by accident. Normally, the data is still there, awaiting overwrite. If you have accidentally formatted your SD card, give us a call.

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