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Our Data Recovery Price Structure

Because every memory loss or hard drive disaster is different, our data recovery price structure is flexible. We’ll price your work individually according to the factors affecting our ability to bring back the files and information you need.
Contact our team or email us to arrange a free hardware inspection and get a quote for your work. First we’ll let you know if the data you need can be retrieved from the media you have sent us; then we’ll deliver a quote that tells you exactly how much it will cost to get it out.


To work out an approximate price for your data recovery, have a look at the relevant product section.


Logical and Physical Data Recovery Price

The main factors affecting your data recovery price are the complexity and timescale of your retrieval. A logical data recovery is comparatively simple, as it involves only imaging, recreation and file retrieval; while physical data recovery means we also need to physically repair or replace specific parts of your drive or machine. In the latter case, your data recovery price is affected by the cost of the hardware we need to introduce, and the time it takes to remove the damaged parts of your machine before fitting the new ones.
It is important that qualified data recovery experts perform physical recovery. The disk platter, which is where the information you have lost is physically written, is extremely fragile and requires very careful handling. Unqualified attempts to fix the physical components of your media can result in further damage, both to machine and to memory.


Data Recovery Price Service Levels

We offer a range of data recovery price levels, reflective of specific service types. Our standard service is also our most cost effective, where time is not an issue. In our standard recovery service, our technicians work on your media during normal office hours, within the timeframe given to you when you booked your work (usually 24 hours for diagnosis and a further 48 hours for retrieval).
Using our express service, which costs slightly more, your data recovery will receive priority attention during normal business hours. We will agree a specific timeframe with you after we have examined your media and confirmed that the data you need is retrievable.
Our emergency data recovery service is recommended for clients with serious problems, who need to get their business systems back online as quickly as possible. This is our most expensive and rapid service, involving teams of technicians working round the clock to bring your data back. All emergency data recovery prices are given individually, according to circumstance and requirement.


No Retrieval, No Fee

If we can’t get your data back after we have agreed to do so (following our initial assessment of your damaged media), there’s nothing for you to pay.


Typical Data Recovery Prices

As a guide, the following data recovery price ranges may be considered typical (please note that actual pricing is done individually according to the requirements of your specific circumstance):


Hard drive data restore £60-£150

(depending on size)

Hard drive data recovery

(faulty electronics)

Hard drive data recovery

(faulty heads)




If you would like to book an assessment for your damaged media, or have any questions about our data recovery price structure, please call us or email

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