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Your server is the heart of your business. When it goes down, you can be temporarily, but seriously, compromised. Client data, transactional data – all the lifeblood of your business, unavailable or unreliable. Either way, you need to solve the problem and solve it fast.

In a sense, all server data recovery is business critical. Where your data needs are such that you require a server or a rack of servers to manage all of your memory and processing demands, interruptions in supply can have severe repercussions for your ability to provide the services your clients have engaged you to provide.

The innards of a server are no different to the parts of your laptop, desktop or portable media device responsible for storing data: there are just more of them in there, and the ones you have are likely to be more capacious than the storage media included inside your individual machines. Our server data recovery technicians are trained and accredited in resurrecting all server hard drives, from physical repair to imaging; drive logic recreation; and file rebuilding.

If you have the contents of your server backed up, particularly if you are mirroring your server in an offsite location, the daily running of your business should not be compromised. You may still need to retrieve your information, however, and can do so using our basic server data recovery service. Call us or email to find out more.

If you have an urgent requirement for server data recovery, call our 24 hour emergency hotline.

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Our data recovery London service is fast, reliable and forensic. We can pull your data out of all forms of damaged hardware including hard disks; tapes; CDs; RAID; DVDs; and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.
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