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The tablet has become an indispensable part of business and play. It’s the ideal combination of media device and communications portal – perfect for reading and replying to email, sharing social media or working on image heavy projects. When it goes wrong, it can trap potentially massive amounts of data.

Images, music and video files are all commonly stored and used on tablets. Our slick tablet data recovery service is able to pull out whatever’s there to be saved, in the event of software, firmware or hardware malfunctions.

Our tablet data recovery service is available in a range of scaled service levels. All levels of tablet data recovery service first diagnose your tablet, to confirm the cause of data loss or malfunction, and to give you an accurate quote (in terms of time and money at the basic service level) for repairing and retrieving your data. If you opt for raised levels of service, we will quote you for the quicker turnaround involved.

Our express service works much like our basic tablet data recovery, only we prioritise the repair and retrieval during normal office hours. Contact us to book either a basic or an express tablet data recovery, or  for more information. Our emergency tablet data recovery service is conducted around the clock by teams of technicians. To let us know that you have a tablet data emergency, you can call 24 hours a day.

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Our data recovery London service is fast, reliable and forensic. We can pull your data out of all forms of damaged hardware including hard disks; tapes; CDs; RAID; DVDs; and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.
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