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The Portable Media Paramedics: a Guide to Our USB Memory Stick Data Recovery Service

The USB (universal serial bus) memory stick has made it easy to take important files with us wherever we need them, without having to lug our whole workstation with us too. But what happens when those files get lost in transit? If you’ve just altered a vital document on your home PC, travelled with it to work and discovered it’s broken in the process, don’t worry. Our USB memory stick data recovery service is here to help.

Behind the logo and the flashing light, your USB memory stick is the same as any other hard drive – it’s just smaller. Our USB memory stick data recovery technicians can diagnose physical and logical faults with your portable storage device, identify the data on there and extract it for you, often in one piece.

In many cases, when a USB memory stick breaks the data is still in there: it’s the read/write mechanism that’s gone. Our USB memory stick data recovery team recreates your drive on a fresh, undamaged medium, piecing it back together logically (in other words rebuilding the programming environment of the drive) to discover the data trapped inside.

We can provide an emergency data recovery service, 24 hours a day, for urgent problems. Call us on emergency number to get things moving. If your needs are less urgent, call us during normal office hours, or

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