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Windows Shutting on You? Call Our Microsoft Phone Data Recovery Team

Windows Phone freezing on you? Windows Phone 8 not working properly? Don’t worry. Your Microsoft phone is a tiny computer, and like all computers it is liable to experience hardware and software failures.

Losing the use of a phone can be a distressing experience, both personally and for business. We have come to rely on the connectivity and data storage capacities our phones have given us – and with the latest Microsoft phones, we’re also beginning to use the handheld device as a data creation point. When the phone stops working, we can be in danger of losing more than just numbers.

Our Microsoft phone data recovery service aims to extract all the data from your phone, mirroring the hard drive onto a new storage medium and rebuilding the file system as it was before the phone stopped working. From here, we should be able to extract as much user created or stored data as possible. Our success rate for data retrieval is 90% across all media – so if your Windows phone dies, don’t give up hope. From photos and videos to documents and files bound for the Sky Drive, we can find and retrieve it all.

Our Microsoft phone data recovery experts will start by diagnosing the problem. If it’s a hardware issue, they will fix it before extracting the data. If it is software, they will recreate the functionality your phone is missing. If the problem goes deeper, there are a further three levels of forensic data retrieval they can try. When we examine your phone, we will tell you how deep we think we need to go, and how much data we expect to retrieve.

All data is retrieved according to current data protection legislation.

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