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Getting Back the Past with Our XD Picture Card Data Recovery Service

The XD Picture Card is obsolete, in that you don’t find new models of digital camera using it. It appeared in Olympus; Fuji; and Kodak products during the first decade of the 21st century, but was gradually replaced by the SD card, which can store files other than image files.

If your precious memories are stored on an XD Picture Card, and your reader stops working or you upgrade your camera, we can still get the pictures out for you. Our XD Picture Card data recovery service creates a mirror image of the drive and files contained on the card, and puts them on a functioning storage medium for easy access.

If your XD Picture Card is the problem, we can help you with that too. Using a thorough four step data retrieval process, our XD Picture Card data recovery technicians will first identify any hardware glitches, and repair those if necessary; before mirroring the drive onto new media, uncovering the logical structure and file system, and finally extracting your files intact.

With an obsolete storage medium, it can be the reader devices as well as the card that represent the problem. Our XD Picture Card data recovery service can isolate whether or not the card is the cause of your read problems – or if you have a malfunctioning reader, either in your camera or your card transfer port. This is done by examining the function of the card: if it works, it’s a reader causing the trouble. In this case, as noted above, we can remove all files from your XD Picture Card and put them on a more modern storage medium.

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